Sunday, September 18, 2011

Neighborhood Garage Sale

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2011, 8:00 TO 4:00

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Directors Quarterly Meeting

Braun Hollow HOA Board of Directors Meeting - Minutes
Attendees: Walter G., Hugh H., James B., Gus R.
Marisa Z. (ProCOMM), Brandi S. (ProCOMM)
Call to Order:
7:09 pm Meeting Called to Order
President’s Introduction:
We’ve had some major expenses so far this year.
  • Fence repair
  • Gate track repaired
  • Gate and Sign post painting complete
  • Tree removed
    New Business:
    • Postcards to be sent to announce blog to all homeowners
    • Can we revisit the landscaping contract since there has not been any growth to control due to drought?
      • Investigate rebidding the contract
      • Installed a new padlock for the park tool shed.
      • Discussed the usefulness of the shed:
        • Some risk in having home owners mowing the greenbelt
        • Discussed the city responsibilities of that work
        • Tabled the topic until the next quarterly meeting
        • Architectural Control Violations
          • Main violations are landscaping and trash can placement
          • One house has some fence neglect that has become a problem
          • One house has old Christmas lights that need to be taken down due to disrepair.
          • Gate Issues (to be reported to gate company)
            • Light is out for the keypad illumination
            • The reception for the gate remotes has become poor
            Financial Report:
            • Financial report presented
            • Account balances presented
            • Delinquent accounts have doubled:
              • Two accounts on payment plan
              • Two accounts have been handed over to attorney
              • One account is on Lien Status
              • One account reported to Credit Bureau
              • Three accounts have been sent Demand letter
              • FY 2012 budget is being compiled

                Meeting Adjourned:
                Meeting adjourned 7:56 pm.

                Saturday, April 9, 2011

                Spring Tag Sale

                BRAUN HOLLLOW
                SATURDAY APRIL 30, 2011
                8:00 AM TO 4:00PM

                Get your items ready and good luck!!

                Wednesday, February 23, 2011

                Neighborhood Gathering

                Please come to a
                Neighborhood  Gathering
                and Potluck

                Saturday, February 26th
                10:00 am – noon
                At the park in Braun Hollow

                Sunday, February 20, 2011

                Braun Hollow we have a Quorum

                Hello fellow Braun Hollow home owners.

                     For the first time since any of us can remember, we had a quorum for the January 27th Organizational Meeting that reconvened this past Thursday, February 17 at 7:12 PM.  Thanks to the hard work of our directors, we had enough members and proxies to legitimately elect a board of directors.  The directors and their positions are listed below:
                • President - Walter G.
                • Treasurer - Hugh H.
                • Secretary - Gus R.
                • Member - Nilka A.
                • Member - James B.
                     With a legitimate board of directors, the Organizational Meeting was adjurned at 7:25 PM.

                     Immediately following at 7:25 PM, the 1st Quarter Directors Meeting was brought to order.  Below are the meeting highlights:
                • Reviewed the Financial Report
                • Discussed Unfinished Business
                  • Additional light at the gate entrance
                    Quotes received for contractor installed ornamental light were expensive.  We will revisit having CPS install a street light there and paying for re-landscaping after installation.
                  • Water fountain at the park
                    The fountain has been leaking for a few days and Herb went ahead and shut off water to the fountain.  Herb will further inspect the problem and determine whether a plumber is needed.  Walter will notify SAWS to prevent a costly water bill.
                  • Water drainage basin
                    The drainage basin at the corner of Braun Bend and Braun Meadow has a few issues.  The maintenance contractor has not been fulfilling their duties and ProCOMM will be contacting them.  Herb will see if he can easily repair missing boards from the exterior fence or whether we need to call a contractor.
                • New Business
                  • The blog was reviewed and should be an easy method of communication.  We will try and get the link posted on the website.  If we choose to redirect the url to this blog we can do so at a later date.
                  • We will try and compile a new e-mail list for the home owners so that we can let people know about the blog.
                  • Quarterly Directors Meetings will be set for the 2nd Tuesday of the following months:
                    February, April, July, October
                  • Oxford Home residents on Braun Oak have improved behavior by having the garage door half-closed when they are hanging out.
                  • It was agreed that to reduce cycles on the gate, a new morning schedule will keep the gate open between 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM.
                  • The blog will post the meeting minutes
                • Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.

                Friday, January 28, 2011

                HOA Meeting January 28, 2011

                Hello fellow home owners!
                For those of you who missed it, we had a great HOA meeting last night.  A very spirited assortment of home owners discussed the issues at hand.  Below you'll find the highlights:
                • We have a new ProCOMM association manager: Marisa Zavala
                  Office: 210-545-1888
                  Fax: 210-545-1940
                • A quorum was not achieved for the meeting (currently 20% of the home owners), and the dangers of this were discussed. (more about this later)
                • The lighting at the gate was reviewed as inadequate and alternatives were discussed.
                • Discomfort was expressed regarding the behavior of the Oxford home residents in the neighborhood.  Alternate approaches for correcting the situation were discussed.
                • The need for better communication was brought up.  This blog is an effort to address this, and we're going to give this a try for a year.  If this doesn't help we'll then consider a website hosted by ProCOMM.
                The inability to achieve a quorum is a problem that we need to deal with.  If we don't achieve quorum during our official business (we have yet to have a meeting that achieves quorum that we can remember), our legitimacy as an organization can be called into question.  This can affect our ability to own property as an organization and collect dues.  To address this, it was agreed that we should change the quorum threshold to 10%.  The members in attendance also pledged to collect proxies to help legitimize our meeting last night.

                If you have any questions just post comments on this entry and we'll answer back.
                Your Braun Hollow HOA Board of Directors